Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Daddy is Watching!

This article caught my eye this morning...

Maybe parents don't really have eyes in the backs of their heads, but an increasing number of monitoring devices means they can have eyes almost anywhere else. Right or wrong, advances in technology allow parents to track exactly where their teens are going and how fast they're getting there by using GPS-enabled cell phones. And software is available to keep track of every click on the Internet - sometimes without children knowing they are being tracked.


The part about monitoring your kids' speeds reminded me of something the Ohio State Police used to do when I was a kid in the '60s. Traveling along the Ohio Turnpike involved stopping at an entry point and being issued your toll card, which was an old-style hollerith punch card (kids-ask your parents) that was encoded with your point and time of entry. When you reached your exit, the attendant would run your card through a reader to determine the toll. The fun part of this was that by knowing the entry and exit time as well as the distance traveled, it also determined your average speed. If it was over the speed limit-- PRESTO!-- a state trooper would appear (seemingly out of nowhere) to issue you a ticket!